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Tours and activities in
Misol-Ha waterfall

Tour to the Viewing Deck

Duration 45 minutes

The tour will take you to the most secret corners of the Misol Ha waterfall. We will be trekking under the intense humidity of the jungle, you will get to see the flora and fauna of the region. Once at the top, you will be able to catch the perfect picture. At the top of the waterfall where the waters are calm, they form ponds and with precaution and under authorization of our tour guide we will be able to cord fishing and swimming. Restrictions: this activity is not recommended during raining season. The tour lasts 45 min, What to bring? Bring comfortable footwear to walk in the jungle (tennis shoes or sports sandals – no flip-flops), camera, swimsuit.

Tour to the grotto

Duration 30 minutes

The tour to the grotto is brief, we go approximately 164 feet deep into the grotto, inside there is a creek that leads to the Misol Ha waterfall, along the road you will find fossils up to thousands of years old, our tour guide will explain the different types of fossils.

Tour lasts 20 min. Recomendations: Light clothes, Tenis Shoes, swimsuit. You can reserve any tour at the main office of the eco lodge.

Visit to the tilapia farm

Duration 20 minutes

One of the main activities is the tilapia farming, the tilapia (also known as Mojarra) were originally from Africa but fish farms can be found in tropical countries where the conditions are favorable for the growth and breeding of tilapias. Inside the facilities you will get to know the importance of this activity. You will get the chance to use the small fishing boat and afterwards you will be able to enjoy our exquisite variety of dishes, from regional cuisine to international. Tour lasts 45 min. What to bring? Bring comfortable footwear, camera, and swimsuit.

Walk under the jungle

Free time activity

Throughout our development there are spectacular places to walk and live with nature.

During your visit to the Misol-Ha waterfall you will find endless corners to walk under the humid jungle of Chiapas, you can find ideal landscapes to photograph, official and safe trails are clearly marked by our signs, we recommend not to leave them during his journey.

For the route, carry sandals, insect repellent, sunscreen, clothes suitable for the heat and respect the signs and indications in specific areas.